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Legal advice Service :

Public Sector markets are subject to a number of constraints that are imposed on all agents participating in the public tender process.

These constraints are motivated by the principles of protection of the general interests of the public in service and guarantee the efficiency of the public tender process and the valid use of funds or public monies, this process is based on the combination of three principles:

- Free access to the public tender process. 
- Equal treatment of applicants.
- Transparency of procedures.

For these reasons the public authorities are bound by specific regulations governing public sector markets, established by the presidential degree no 15/247 of 16 Sept 2015 (official journal no, 50, 20 Sept 2015) containing regulation and provision of the new code of public sector markets and public service commissions.

These rules are strict and complex and are often misunderstood by people participating in the different stages of the procurement process.

For this reason, DZTENDERS.COM, offers to its members a specialist service dedicated to providing legal advice on the process (for free), given by a consultant with expertise in public sector market law, as well as validated experience in the field.